All your needs in labeling and printing in One-Stop-Shop

Consultation, initial design, new ideas, and of course the best finished prints for your precious brand, always in the best prices of the market.

Woven Products

Your company details woven
with high quality thread

Screen Printed products

For designs that require
high level of vibrancy

Offset Products

The best way to print
just about everything commercial

Leather Products

Best quality
& high degree of durability

Printed Products

More than 25 years
of online printing experience

Heat Transfer Products

Wide range of finished goods
for the best option one requires

Tag Lock Products

The added value by strongly identifying
your brand and products on display

Sublimation Products

Materialize the ideal
printed commodity is our promise

MEGA ETIKETYour All-in- one partner for professional labeling & printing


We are always at the ramparts for your service

Our team in Mega Label and Printing Industry and Trade Co., LTD, is dedicated to your service. From woven labels, Coated Paper Stickers, Transparent Vinyl, Hang tags, silicon budges, screen prints, prestige labeling, innovative design, there is little –if any- we haven't done.

Arge Product Development

To actually lead
in innovations and developments

Weaving Group

To always strive for the best results

Graphic-Design and Pattern Group

To provide all-in-1 services
in Graphic-design and Pattern

Printed Label-Coil Group

To be ready, to foresee, to suggest

Printing Group

To provide the highest
quality system

Frequency Printing Group

To ensure quick and effective
resolution to any queries


We place the perfect printing touch to any product

Mega Label and Printing Industry and Trade Co., LTD, was established in Istanbul, Turkey, since 25 years. Facing the most demanding customer needs for more than a quarter of a century, we have acquired accumulated knowledge and have covered the most challenging projects worldwide.


For any inquiries you may need, please contact us. We are here to assist you and to give you our professional and friendly feedback.

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